Charlotte Towing Services

Express Cash for Junk Cars Charlotte does much more than just buy unwanted vehicles. We also have the skill and a well-equipped tow truck to provide towing services to drivers in the greater Charlotte, NC area. Whenever you need a tow, give us a call and we’ll be there right away.

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General Towing Services

Whenever you need the services of a reliable towing company in Charlotte, NC, we’re the only name to call. Whether you’re stuck at the side of the road and need a tow to your trusted mechanic or you need to get an abandoned car off your property, our professional, friendly team is on the scene in a hurry, getting your vehicle where it needs to go without any delay.

Car In Loading Zone

Personal Property Towing

One of our specialties is personal property towing. Got a car blocking the loading zone at your commercial property? Someone parked in a reserved parking space? We pick up abandoned cars when requested by property owners. We treat everyone’s property with respect, promising safe transport whether the vehicle is yours or someone else’s.

Yellow Junk Car

Junk Car Towing

Got a junk car that’s in no condition to drive? We’ll get it to the mechanic—or buy the vehicle from you right on the spot. It’s the easiest, most lucrative way to get an old clunker off your hands for good. From the front yard to the barn out back, wherever your unwanted vehicle is parked, count on us to get it off your property safely.

Your Local, Reliable Towing Company

Express Cash for Junk Cars Charlotte is the preferred towing company in the Charlotte, NC area. Whether you’ve got an abandoned car blocking your property or you need a tow on the side of the road, we promise fast, friendly and professional service you can rely on every time. Call us today at 704-953-5867 to request a tow.

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