Junk Vehicle, Have Your Car Became one?

How to know if your car is a Junk Car?

Sometimes it is difficult to acknowledge, that the vehicle you took such a wonderful care of for quite some time. Furthermore, the vehicle that was by your side during some of your life’s most important events, that some might think of it as a junk.

Indeed, when you are thinking seriously about selling this car, you have to have in mind the important factors which would allow you to determine, if the car that was beside you for years, could be called a scrap car.

  • If it has the salvage title?
  • Is the cost of repair larger than the car is worth?
  • Could the body damage be more than a $1000?
  • Does your car can even run?

If you have answered more than 2 of our questions Yes, then your car is a old clunker.

So now you know that you have a junk vehicle, what can you do about it?

You have at least a couple of options.

First Option

You can simply donate your car to charity. This has its own advantages, the first one and most obvious one is that you will help that charity. Although, not so obvious one is that you will be able to, deduct some taxes with your donation. This option is quite appealing if you are not in need of some extra cash.

Second Option

Is to sell it whole or for parts. Just because you don’t want that clunker anymore doesn’t mean that someone else can’t use it. Even if your car doesn’t run, it’s still full of valuable parts that are worth a pretty penny. Local services like Craigslist can help you unload the lot on someone close to home, or you can head to Cash 4 Cars Charlotte, where you’ll get an instant quote on your rundown ride and a scheduled appointment of when the vehicle will be removed.


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