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The History Of The Junk Car Industry

Junk cars are a major source of scrap metal and parts for recyclers. They are used in a cycle to generate raw materials that go back into manufacturing. Let’s explore the history of this industry and how it has been affected by the coronavirus.  When Did The Junk Car Industry Become Established?  The junk car […]

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Are Scrap Metal Prices On The Rise?

The scrap metal industry is a huge one, and there are many different uses for scrap metal. Its value is based on how it’s used and what buyers are willing to pay for it.  What Is Scrap Metal?  Scrap metal is a term used to describe any type of metal that has been discarded and […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Junk Car Removal

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of a car breaking down, you understand the frustration surrounding the situation. Perhaps you don’t have the money to put into a costly repair. Maybe it’s an older, secondary vehicle that you decide that you can live without. Regardless of the scenario you find yourself in, it’s good […]

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