What You Didn’t Know About Junk Car Removal

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of a car breaking down, you understand the frustration surrounding the situation. Perhaps you don’t have the money to put into a costly repair. Maybe it’s an older, secondary vehicle that you decide that you can live without. Regardless of the scenario you find yourself in, it’s good to know your options.

While you can sell scrap cars for cash, there are other options one has when dealing with disposing of an automobile. Junk vehicles for cash are common ways to clean up your property and earn a little extra income. Let’s talk about a few of the ins and outs of this topic.

1. You May Earn More Money if You Sell a Vehicle for Parts

Depending on the year, make, and model of your specific vehicle, it is often beneficial to take the automobile apart and sell it for parts. Some components of a used car or truck can be quite valuable. Doors, tires, rims, seats, engines, and other parts can bring you top dollar if they are in good working order.

Taking the vehicle apart to get these components off may take a little time, knowledge, and a few tools, but in the end, it may pay off better than just having your junk car towed to a scrapyard to be sold for scrap metal. 

2. If You Don’t Have Time To Part It Out, Sell It for Scrap

Sometimes, when a vehicle breaks down or has been sitting for a long time, you’re over the situation entirely. You just want to move on from the hassle and headache of having a junk car on your property. Many places will pay you for the whole vehicle as-is. 

Some will even come and tow the vehicles from your property. Realize that by taking a junk car off of your hands, they are banking on the idea of making a profit from parting it out and selling those parts. Or they may be able to repair it and sell it as a working used car. They typically offer you less when they buy it for scrap than if you negotiate to sell it used, for them to repair it.

3. Use Your Junk Car as a Trade Toward a New Vehicle

Another way to deal with a car that isn’t running is to offer it as credit toward a new vehicle. There are numerous car dealerships that offer top dollar trade value on your working or non-working used car toward a new vehicle. Again, if it’s not running, they will offer you less trade value toward something new than if yours is working.

You Have Options for Your Junk Car

When your vehicle breaks down, and repair is not an option, consider contacting your local car dealership or junkyard. It’s worth asking a few questions to find out the best options for your scrap or junk vehicle.