Do you have cars laying around that look like Junk in your neighborhood?

Did you know by having abandoned vehicles or junk cars laying around your neighborhood can make your neighborhood look less appealing and ultimately can have an affect on the value of your home?

We at Express Cash 4 Junk Cars Charlotte want to offer our services to the neighborhoods of Charlotte. We will pay cash for all cars no matter the condition. Sell your car for cash today. No title needed. We buy running cars as well. We are Charlotte’s #1 junk car buyer and we are always in the market for junk cars. But ultimately our goal is to keep neighborhoods clean because we are also homeowners and we want to see the Charlotte economy grow.

Don’t have a title? No problem! We have a professional staff of drivers who know how to buy cars with no paperwork.

Not the owner of that abandoned vehicle on your street that has been there for years? No problem! We work with impound companies who will come out there and remove the abandoned vehicle at no charge!

If you have been questioning yourself for a long time about fixing up a car that has just been sitting around, give us a call! We may be able to make you an offer you can’t resist for your precious car. Junk your car with Express Cash 4 Junk Cars Charlotte with an ease of mind knowing that our professional staff is putting our customers first. We pay cash on the spot and we offer free towing. We are guaranteed to give you the best prices in Charlotte North Carolina.

Call us today or request a quote online!We have drivers on standby to attend to your needs! We will arrive within the hour to assist you with your junk car. God Bless!