How To Market A Junk Vehicle Or Truck

Offering your cars and trucks to a cash for cars company is among the most significant innovations in the junk car market. The procedure looks incredibly straightforward from what they are stating on their websites, nevertheless, a much deeper dive into their frequently asked questions will show that this is much different.

This post will definitely break down the process that they claim on their website as well as show you exactly how they are negating themselves in the frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Get a Quote!

The home web page states all you need to do is send your car details or call them over the phone and you will get a quote rapidly. What they do not tell you is the quote is based on the rates a junkyard will pay you. That suggests, usually, they will absolutely pay you $150 per Ton that your automobile weighs. The average vehicle weighs 2 Tons, so you will make around $300 on your junk car.

Bear in mind, this is a quote. This is not the last total that they will pay you considering that they still require you to evaluate your automobile just like a junkyard would do. Unlike a junkyard though, they will strip your vehicle for parts and also market those components for a profit.

Step 2: Accept Offer!

In order to authorize an offer, they need to see proof that you have the vehicle. That component holds true, nonetheless, the name of the step is misguiding – Accept Offer? You are accepting an offer that is not wrapped up! Their “frequently asked questions” section even says that they do not use the Kelley Blue Book to come up with a quote; they are basing their quote off of a regular weight that is remeasured in their area.

They do not take any kind of treatment or substitutes you made into variables to consider when they are putting this quote together. You will certainly have no concept of just how much cash you will make until you get the car to their facility.

Step 3: Free Towing

This is all based upon if you live within their towing location. If you do not reside in their pulling location, you will require an extra tow to get the vehicle to their facility. If your car is still running, you can drive it there.

However, do you genuinely want to drive an automobile that has been classified as non-running? That indicates you will absolutely need to pay for a towing business to get your automobile to its location. Normally, a towing business will charge $100 to bring your junk to any place you require it to go.

Oh, and don’t forget – if you are in charge of bringing the car in, you will need to reach the area as well. The tow truck driver is not allowed to lug passengers, so you will either require to get a close friend to take you to the location or pay an Uber or Lyft to get you there … which is more cash you will be utilizing.

Step 4: Get Cash

If you are supplying the vehicle yourself, they will certainly pay you quickly. Yet if among their tow vehicles is your automobile, you will certainly be needed to locate an alternate technique to obtaining your cash as a result of the fact that they will just cash checks. You can not get your cash straight transferred or with a transfer service like PayPal. They use your repayment with 3 numerous approaches:

  • Given by the tow truck driver
  • Sent by mail to your address
  • Given at one of their shops

All three methods call for some waiting on your component, which implies you can not go shopping to find your brand-new automobile if you are dependent on this cash to acquire said automobile. 

While the service does offer some wonderful benefits, the disadvantages are rather high. You are left awaiting your money, the quote is not ensured, and also the quote is based upon junkyard costs although that will absolutely strip your car down and offer it for components. Our service easily puts cash in your hand for your junk car or truck. 

For more information about Cash 4 Cars or to get a free quote for your junk car, visit our website at or call us at 704-953-5867. We strive to be the best cash-for-car service in Charlotte, NC. You can trust Cash 4 Cars to always provide satisfaction-guaranteed auto junking service.