How to Get FREE Junk Car Pickup Near Me

What can you do with a junk car? Today, yours is probably simply sitting in your backyard. It’s taking up an area that could be inhabited by a functioning car. If your junk car can barely make it down the street without breaking down, you’re going to need to tow it.

Whether its final destination is a junkyard, technician, or new car owner, it has to be delivered utilizing a tow truck.

But you’re probably reluctant to do that. Perhaps you’re really hoping that you can drive your junk car to its location. Unfortunately, that will be impossible if it’s missing an engine, is rusted all over or has any other extreme damages.

Therefore, you need to get your junk car lugged off your lawn if you want to get rid of it. Keep reading to get more information concerning junk car towing and how you can get it sold.

Removing a Junk Car Is Hard

Before a damaged car can leave your backyard, you must locate a new area for it to go. A number of choices are available for selling your junk car. Nevertheless, it is hard to get a good offer on a vehicle that is barely operating regardless of who you try to sell it to.

Exclusive Selling

Lots of used cars are bought by other motorists, specifically when they are still in good or reasonable condition. A junk car, on the other hand, can be harder to sell than other pre-owned vehicles. This is due to their incredibly low value.

While it may be affordable to drive old and damaged cars, they are endangering a practical car on the road. While you can find a mechanic around that can repair a junk vehicle, she or he will be tough to discover.


Your next best bet is marketing to a dealership. While you don’t usually see drastically damaged cars sold at most car dealerships, they are still purchased there. Nevertheless, this alternative will offer you the least value. That is because dealers low-ball every seller.

Even if your car was in good condition, you would not get nearly the amount that it is worth. As a result, you will receive practically nothing by selling your cars and trucks to a dealership.


Junkyards are another option if you’re seeking to get rid of your junk car. However, they are not as good as they seem. While you may think that a junkyard is the best area for a non-functioning vehicle, you will be stunned at exactly how unsatisfactory it can be.

Initially, a junkyard does not consider the worth of your vehicle in its entirety. That is due to the fact that these businesses just buy recyclable cars and truck parts. Depending upon the yard, you could only be able to sell car parts consisting of the body, seat fabrics, and rubber. But that is often not the situation.

Junkyards only spend on the functional salvage metals on the car. The amount you receive depends on the weight of the car.

Therefore, you will get a lower check if your car either weighs less or does not have any useful steel due to rust or other damages.

Obviously, junkyards are not the most effective locations for selling a junk car.

Is It Worth Towing a Junk Car?

You already realize that you will not get a significant paycheck from your junk car. What’s even more aggravating though is having to pay to get rid of it. Worse, the towing costs could end up being greater than what you get for the vehicle.

Additionally, towing costs can differ depending upon the towing business, and the range the car has to travel. If you market to a personal junker, you may be able to divide the towing expense. Nevertheless, not all customers think that it is their obligation to transport the car.

When it pertains to selling to a car dealership or junkyard, you will need to spend for pickup and towing yourself. Some yards supply towing as part of their services, yet others will not even tell you what their hauling charge is until after they have gathered your car.

So, there is a high chance that you won’t be breaking even by marketing your car. That’s not anyone’s concept of a good deal.

How to Avoid Wasting Money On Junk Car Pick-Up

You can avoid the hassle and waste of time of trying to get rid of your junk car on your own by using our services. Unlike other car buyers, we are experts at evaluating junk and damaged cars. We take dozens of factors into account to get you the best deal.

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