Can You Scrap a Car with Expired Registration?

Your registration is expired. Does that mean you’re stuck with your junk car? Is there any way you can be rid of the vehicle? Are there junkyards that buy cars with no registration?

Fortunately, yes. If you’re wondering, “Can I junk my vehicle with expired tags?” you do have options. Read on to discover how to handle this situation. It’s easier than you might think.

Who will buy a car with an expired registration?

The good news is that anyone who is willing to consider buying a junk car will probably be willing to buy one with expired tags. Look for salvage yards, scrap yards and junkyards that buy cars with no registration. You can also check with your local dealer, but you will most likely get a better price for your vehicle at one of the nearby junkyards than you will at a dealership.

What is the difference between an expired registration and no title?

Keep in mind that an expired registration is very different from an untitled vehicle. In the first case, you have the title, but the registration is not current. In the second situation, you do not have the title for the car. The registration must be updated every year. The title proves that you own the car.

The registration simply needs to be renewed each year in order to legally drive the vehicle. However, you can still legally own a vehicle with expired tags. You simply can’t legally operate it. Be sure to check your local laws regarding where you can store a vehicle with an expired registration.

In either situation, you may be able to junk your car at a local salvage yard. The main difference will most likely be the other paperwork required to complete the transaction.

Why should I junk my vehicle with expired tags?

If your vehicle is unregistered, you are putting yourself at risk. If you drive the vehicle, you can receive hefty fines. If it is parked somewhere other than your home, it might get towed. If the vehicle is not operable, it is probably taking up valuable space on your property or in your garage. To be rid of all of these potential hassles, simply contact a junkyard that buys cars with no registration. You can be rid of the risk in no time.

What paperwork do I need to junk my vehicle with expired tags?

To junk a vehicle with expired tags, you usually need a title. If you don’t have the title, you may be able to use your license and expired registration to prove ownership. Consult with your local junkyard to determine what other steps you may need to take to scrap your car.

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