How to Junk a Car to a Pick-n-Pull

Despite how well you take care of it, your vehicle won’t last forever. Once it no longer runs, figuring out what to do with it can be a hassle—that is, unless you call a car parts lot to take it off your hands.

Keep reading to learn how to sell your car to a car parts lot:

  • Tell us the details: We’ll first ask for some basic information about your vehicle when you give our team a call. We need to know its year, make, model and condition to give you an accurate quote in the next step.
  • Get a quote: Next we’ll provide you with a free estimate for how much it’s worth based on the information you give us on your vehicle’s condition. You’ll be surprised to find out how much your old car is actually worth. Totaled vehicles or those that haven’t run in years can still be worth quite a bit of money.
  • Arrange pickup: Assuming you accept our offer, the next step in selling your car to a car parts lot is to schedule a pickup time. We’ll drive anywhere in the Charlotte area to pick up your junk car, and we’re even able to arrive on the same day if that works for you.
  • Get your cash: The final step is the best one—you get cash in hand for your old junk car. This whole process is quick and easy, and you don’t even have to do anything besides give us a call.

What happens to your old car?

Now that you know how to junk a car to a pick-n-pull, what happens when it’s in the junkyard’s hands? Although we don’t sell car parts, here’s what happens to your vehicle once it’s at some other junkyards:

  • Draining: The junkyard team starts by draining out all of the fluids from the vehicle, including (among others) gasoline, oil and antifreeze. These fluids are environmental hazards if they’re not properly drained before the final step.
  • Selling: Now that the car is fluid-free, it goes out in our car parts lot. Customers can come by and purchase the entire car, or they can use their own tools to dismantle particular parts to suit their needs. Buying parts from a reputable car parts lot is much cheaper than buying them from any other retailer.
  • Crushing: Once every usable part has been stripped and sold, a final inspection is performed to ensure there’s nothing else that can be refurbished. After that, the body is crushed and recycled.

See how much you can get for your car

If you’re tired of looking at that old hunk of junk, then call our team at Express Cash for Junk Cars Charlotte. We offer top dollar for cars in any condition, and we even provide free estimates—there’s no reason not to give it a shot. Call today to get your quote or to learn more about how to junk a car to a pick-n-pull.