Read This Before You Junk Your Car

Are you holding on to a jalopy, bomb, clunker, or dead-beat car because you love it and don’t want to part with it? Unfortunately, your sentiments can’t put money in your pocket, but a junk car buyer can. In fact, you can get cash fast with your junk car today if you take the proper steps. Here’s a step by step guide to junking your car.

Find a Reputable Junk Car Buyer

First, locate a few salvage yards and junk car buyers using resourceful methods (phone book, internet search, word of mouth, etc.). Next, compare at least three companies to get an offer that suits you.

Junkers usually provide offer quotes based on the information vehicle owners give them. Therefore, you must ensure that you provide accurate details to prevent payment discrepancies. The offer will stay the same as long as you don’t omit information about your car’s condition or missing parts. 

The goal is to put as much cash in your pockets as possible. That’s why we recommend doing at least three price quotes before choosing a buyer. 

Gather Information About Your Car

You’ll need your vehicle’s title and keys to perform a successful sale. You will also need to write down the car’s manufacture date, make, model, and color and provide them when you request a quote.

Walking around the vehicle and notating the damage and missing parts will also be helpful. That way, the buyer knows what he’s getting and can honor the quote. 

Remove Your Items From the Vehicle

Perform an interior vehicle check and retrieve all of your valuable belongings. Check for personal documents, money, clothing, tools, and anything else that might be useful to you. If you leave them in the vehicle, those items might get thrown away or taken.

Some salvage yard owners prep the cars for crushing after they take them to their yards, and the process may not involve salvaging the seller’s items. 

Contact the Provider To Schedule a Pickup

Once you collect the necessary information and retrieve your personal belongings, you’re ready to contact a buyer. You will likely have the option to call them by phone or submit an online quote request. You can then schedule a pickup if you agree with the suggested purchase price.

The salvage yard may be willing to visit your home or office with a tow truck to pick up the vehicle. At that time, an agent will quickly inspect the car, collect your signed title, and then pay you by cash or check. Ensure that you ask about the payment methods upfront so that you won’t be surprised by the process they use. 

Junk car buyers make it easy to schedule removals and pickups. Contacting one can save you weeks of waiting for the right buyer to come along. The best part is that many providers are willing to pick up the cars and put money in the owners’ hands. Consider calling out to one of them for quick cash today.