Cutting Ties With Your Junk Car

The time has come. Your old clunker has been sitting in your driveway, garage, or backyard for far too long. Your wife isn’t happy, and she’s finally had it. It’s time to part ways with your broken-down old car.

You’re probably thinking, "OK. I’ll call someone and ask them to pick up my junk car today." You think it’s an easy way to make cash off a junk car by calling a salvage yard, but there are steps involved. Let’s talk about what you must do to be able to sell your car to a junkyard.

Dismantle the Valuable Parts of Your Junk Car

Most junkyards or scrap places pay for junk cars by the ton. They usually have a set rate for the metal parts of the vehicle that are left. Most require certain parts of the car to be removed before weighing and making a deal for your vehicle.

Things that can be removed and sold separately from the main body and frame of the vehicle should be. You can get far more for engines, transmissions, batteries, or even things such as seats or other parts. Invite some buddies over, take that thing apart. You can earn more by dismantling some things from the vehicle before taking it to the scrap yard.

Clean Out Your Vehicle Before Junking It

Many of us practically live out of our cars. There can be many items left in a vehicle that have long been forgotten about. Be sure to clean out your vehicle before taking it to be sold for scrap. Check all side panels on the doors, the glovebox, center console, the trunk, and even under the seats. You never know what valuables you may find that could possibly be lost forever once the car has been scrapped.

Sharpen Up Your Negotiating Skills Before Junking Your Vehicle

Most junkyards or scrap places have set pricing for junk vehicles. This does not mean you cannot ask for more. If you have a particularly large vehicle or, let’s say, you’ve taken the time to REALLY strip it down to the bare metal, you may be able to negotiate a better price per ton for your vehicle. It doesn’t hurt to shop around and know what competing places offer for scrap vehicles, as well.

Be Sure You Have Your Car Title and Paperwork In Order

It’s important to have your car title with you to prove ownership of the vehicle. You also may be asked for any car manuals or repair documentation. Having all of this before having your vehicle towed to a scrap company is important. Nobody wants to waste time or have their vehicle towed more than once.

Now you should be well-prepared to rid yourself of a junk vehicle from your property. These steps will help ensure that the process goes smoothly and doesn’t turn into some giant, stressful ordeal.