How to Avoid Common Junkyard Scams

Ways to Avoid Junkyard Scams

Junkyard scams are somewhat common in our modern world. Some junkyard operators feel like they can get away with virtually anything, and they will take every opportunity to make sure they make their money. To keep yourself away from these scammers, you need to know which junkyard scams to watch out for right from the start. More importantly, you need to know which tactics you can use to avoid falling victim to one of these scams.

Do Not Allow the Facility to Be Vague About a Quote

You need a firm price for what the junkyard is offering per ton of material you bring to them. If you allow them to quote you a range of prices, or if they won’t give you a quote at all, you might be about to get ripped off. Insist on getting a precise quote per ton for what you bring to them. That deal should stand for the entire time you do business with them, with no wiggle room or further negotiating.

Know the Definition of a Ton

The definition of a ton is 2,000 lbs., but that changes if you are talking about a metric or long ton. Those are defined as 2,240 lbs.

This makes a big difference when you are trying to calculate how much money you may bring in for the materials you bring to the junkyard. The junkyard should be able to provide quotes for either one of those weights, but make sure you are calculating correctly on your end as well. You do not want to assume that you are being paid per standard ton when you are actually being paid per metric ton for your materials.

Watch Out for Non-Cash Incentives

Sometimes, a junkyard will offer coupons and other non-cash incentives to “make up the gap” between what your materials are worth and what the junkyard employees are paying you in cash. They will try to make it seem as though they are offering you a fair deal with the cash plus non-cash incentives, but that is rarely the case. You need to watch out for these tricks, as they are likely to backfire on you if you put your trust in a junkyard like this. Instead, always insist on a cash-only offer for anything you bring to the junkyard. Anything else puts you in a position where you can be easily ripped off.

Do Not Give In to Pressure

When a junkyard is applying pressure on you to make a deal with them, something fishy is probably going on. You do NOT have to do business with them, and you should avoid doing so if you feel that they are trying to force you to make a deal that doesn’t work for you. You are in control of the negotiation at all times.