Is It More Beneficial to Junk My Car or Sell It to a Dealership During Tax Season?

Are you seeking to get money during the tax season by selling your junk car? If yes, maybe you’re wondering what to do with it to maximize your earning potential. Selling it to a dealership is one option while selling it to a junk car buyer is another. Here’s a look at both options:

Selling Your Car to a Dealership

Selling your car to a dealership is most beneficial if you intend to purchase a new or used vehicle from that dealership. The salesperson may then offer to take the value of your junk car off of the price of the new car as a trade-in deal. However, you should be leery of those practices. A seedy dealership may undervalue your car and then jack up the price of the new car as well. In the end, you won’t get anything for your vehicle, but the dealership will have another car they can fix and resell.

Aside from that, not all dealerships take junk cars. Thus, you’ll have difficulty selling yours if it’s broken down or destroyed. They’ll likely assess its condition and sale potential if it runs, and they’ll offer you an unfavorable price.

Reasons to Junk Your Car Instead of Selling to a Dealership

If you take your vehicle to a junk car buyer, you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting for it. You’ll do a straight cash-for-car transaction and have the money in your pocket the same day.

There are even more reasons than to sell your car to a junk car buyer instead of a dealership. For one, the process is usually hassle-free. You can receive a quote for your junk car before visiting the buyer. If you’re not happy with the quote, you can simply refuse to proceed with the transaction and save your gas money. On the other hand, you can complete a comfortable deal within a few hours to get the cash you need if you accept the offer.

You’ll also get an amount of money that closely matches the value of your vehicle. Most junk car buyers use the price of metal as the foundation of their offers. It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is running properly or not because the value of the metal is still the same. Therefore, selling to a junk buyer is the best way to maximize your income.

How To Junk Your Car During Tax Season

The answer is yes if you’re wondering, “Can I junk my car during tax season?” You can sell your old car any season of the year if you like, and you don’t have to worry about owing a bunch of taxes unless you sell your vehicle for a lot more than you paid for it. That’s not likely to happen.

Now you know which way to sell your car is best. You can unload your junker to a reliable company like the Express Cash for Junk Cars Charlotte office. The process is fast and efficient, and you only need to call 704-953-5867 to get started.